In order to keep supporting your practice and your learning progress, we've created and released a new series of ThaiVedic Vayu treatments for you to add to your repertoire of therapeutic techniques.

Six new videos covering:

  • Elemental Qualities
  • Vayu Protocols
  • Sustainable movement
  • Conscious Touch

The 5 Prana Vayus

The Sanskrit word Vayu translates as “wind,” and the root 'va' translates to “that which flows.” Thus a Vayu is an energetic force that moves in a specific direction to control diferent bodily functions and activities.

Prana Vayu

Prana Vayu is translated as that which moves towards. Governed by the Element of Space, this Vayu controls all sensory perception and assimilation, and everything that comes into the body and mind

Udana Vayu

Udana Vayu is the uprising wind. Governed by the element of Wind, it relates to our individual strength and ability to stand up for what we want to do with our lives, speech, effort, and enthusiasm.

Vyana Vayu

Samana Vayu is the wind of digestion. Responsible for the assimilation of foods.

Governed by the element of Fire, it works closely with agni (digestive force).

Vyana Vayu

Vyana Vayu is the wind of circulation.

Governed by the Water element it moves outward in a circular, pulsing motion distributing oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and heat throughout the entire body.

Apana Vayu

Apana Vayu is the downward moving wind. It is a force of stability, strength, and reassurance, which shows its governing element of Earth.

it is responsible for the proper functioning of the downward movements in the digestive, urinary, and sexual organs

Silent Sequence

A creative, fluid sequencing of all the techniques covered in the previous chapters into a full-body ThaiVedic treatment.

The 5 Vayus and the 5 movements of Energy

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